We, The Windham Ski patrol,   

A group of dedicated people who work hard to keep the public safe at the


Windham Mountain Ski Resort.


During ski season, you will find us patrolling the mountain from open to close, seven days a week. Regardless of conditions, we are out on the hill inspecting equipment, checking snow and grooming conditions, looking for hazards, helping injured patrons, and promoting safe skiing and riding.


All of our Patrollers are members of the National Ski Patrol.

We receive extensive training in Outdoor Emergency Care , a specialized form of First Aid similar to Emergency Medical Technician training, but with special emphasis on outdoor sports injuries.


We also have an equally important Safety Skier and Terrain Park staff  who assists in a multitude of tasks on the mountain to further reassure the safety of our guests which is an invaluable service.


A great number of our Patrollers, Safety Skiers  and Terrain Park staff are also certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Nurses, Paramedics or Medical Doctors.


Our First Aid Room, located on the first floor in the Base Lodge East, is open whenever the mountain is open to the public.


Our first Aid Room is staffed with a minimum of one Advanced Emergency  Medical Technician with a New York State Department of Health,  Paramedic level certification. Paramedics are capable of providing advanced treatment modalities, including endotracheal intubation, intravenous therapy, and medication administration as well as a higher level of patient assessment to determine the severity of an injury and properly choose the ultimate transport/treatment regimen.


Together with all levels of emergency training  and all facets of  the Windham Skipatrol, we are all making sure that in an unlikely case of an injury you will receive the best care  and all the right decisions will be made to ensure your welfare and ultimately your continued health.


Ski safe and enjoy our mountain.